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Looking for library files for "MemCheck v3.0 for DOS"

jbarryjbarry Member Posts: 3
I need to get libraries for an old debugging tool called MemCheck. The version of MemCheck that I have is 3.0. The compiler that I need the libraries for is Watcom C/C++ v10.6 and the target is a DOS 16-bit executable. The files that I need are _MCAH.LIB, _MCAL.LIB, _MCAC.LIB, _MCAM.LIB and _MCAS.LIB (actually I could get by with just _MCAL.LIB). The supplier of the software was StratosWare Corp but they are no longer in business. If anyone could point me to where I could find these files it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanx.
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