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Run-time module

Hi. I know if you want to run VB program, you need to have

another file. but could someone tell me what is the file name??

and can I change it?? or do I have to use the run-time module file

even all my program are made in API???


  • The runtime's name differs depending on what version of vb you are using:






    Msvbvm50.dll (among others)

    Msvbvm60.dll(?) (among others)

    You might be able to change it if you hex-edit the exe and alter all mentions of the runtime, but you'll probably render the exe unusable.

    Yes, you have to include the runtime.

    Although VB now compiles to native code, the idiots at Microsoft decided we still need to include that clumsy excuse for a dll.

  • Make sure you read past that HUGE blank spot in the previous message. I don't know why it did that, since all I did was use a table, but...?

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