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hello I am a comp science college student.I am a pretty good programmer and I want to do a project involving telephony. I know it involves the relationship between the computer and the phone.Phone dialer is an example but I do not know where I should start.I am using C++ as my primary focus on high level language so I would like the source code of some telephony program in c or c++ for use on windows and also an assembly language program in telephony would be just as nice.So basically this is a plea for someone or many to guide me to a path for using assembly and or c and or c++ in a windows enviroment to produce telephony.


  • patmoapatmoa Member Posts: 3

    Take a look at and then at
    This is in c++ and may be a possible solution for you.
  • ricosuavericosuave Member Posts: 33
    thank you
    I will take a look at the sites
  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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