Need help with rollover within a mailto. Deadline! Thanks

any help apprieciated as this is deadline sensitive and driving me batty.
Let's begin with what works:
"Mail this page to a friend" function with a graphic link and window rollover

or what works outside of the mailto function in a regular link tag:
What doesn't work:
Swap image function within "mailto" with or without window rollover (ie. graphic doesn't appear)

Please any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? (I actually need the swap image function to work more than the window rollover.) Thanks reebi


  • Hi,

    You have some syntax errors in your script. Please relook it. Also body and subject clause are not right. You don't have email address to send message to.
    Why don't you try this way.

    var email_account="";
    var email_subject="Test Subject";
    var email_body="Any Message Body";
    document.write(' image');

    all script can be included in if.. clause for instance.
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