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VB6: Compiler & tick-count

I've got a few questions.
1. Does anyone know a site where I can download a free VB6 compiler. I have the VB6 Working Model edition, so it doesn't let me create EXEs.

2. I'm making a 2D game involving robot-tanks. There will probably be alot out there & I think their AIs might take up alot of time. So far, I have a timer that goes off every 100th of a second & runs the AI for a 1/25th of them (so every 1/4 second, they all get done). Is there a more efficient way 2 do this, or a way that wouldn't make the computer slow down?




  • ZantosZantos Member Posts: 139
    A way to make them all go faster is to get more RAM, I suggest DDRAM;-)

    Oh yeah, and as for the "free" compiler: we're talking about Microsoft, there is no such thing as free. I recommend getting Kazaa ( and downloading the full version, sure, it's illegal, but with todays government everything is illegal...

    ..:: Zantos ::..
  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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