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Validate an Email Address

FatalsniperFatalsniper Member Posts: 55
Hi there,

I need to validate email addresses from a text box, if you know how to do that, I appreciate for you to tell me...

Thank you...


  • borislavborislav Member Posts: 16
    Hi man,
    Can you try this way (simple, byt it works)

    var email_account="[email protected]";

    var b=email_account.split('@');


    after executing the two split commands you can expect that 'b' is array
    b[0] is the account name in exmpl. contains 'some'
    b[1] is array with servers part in example contains b[1][0]-'somewhere'; b[1][1] - 'com'
    after extracting the email parts you can made every validation you want.

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