Inserting Values

Hi,frens,I really need some help over here.I am trying to insert some values into some blank space of an existing .dbf table, but I tried a few ways to do it but the values just do not appear. Instead the old existing table kept showing. Show What could be the problem or what is the feasible method to perform this? Below is part of my code that i have currently,is it correct?

Table2.FieldByName ('0030').Value := prevprice[1];
Table2.FieldByName ('0100').Value := prevprice[2];
Table2.FieldByName ('0130').Value := prevprice[3];
Table2.FieldByName ('0200').Value := prevprice[4];
Table2.FieldByName ('0230').Value := prevprice[5];
Table2.FieldByName ('0300').Value := prevprice[6];
Table2.FieldByName ('0330').Value := prevprice[7];
Table2.FieldByName ('0400').Value := prevprice[8];

prevprice[i] is a array that I used to store the values and table2 is the existing table that already have values stored in it.
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