GUI Toolkits Comparison: Another Look

OK, this is for fun only, but I have summarized my thoughts about the various GUI's for Python into a JavaScript scoring mechanism that ranks them based on a given users preferences, criteria and intended uses. Again, its just for fun but I have posted it on my website at in case anyone else wants to try it. It's food for thought. I am comparing wxPython, PythonCard, Boa Constructor, Tkinter, PythonWare, Easygui, Anygui, PyQt, pyGtk, FXPy, pyFLTK, Jython (Swing & AWT).

I am interested in any feedback on how to improve my scoring. I am primarily playing around now with Jython &Swing, PythonCard, and Easygui but I have installed and tried all of the above, with various degrees of difficulty! I am using a Suse Linux box, a Mac OS X box, and a Windows 98 box to evaluate installation etc.

I will post in the future on this site further results.

Keep in mind I am looking at all of this from the vantage point of a clueless newbie, with little to no computer skills. Maybe my stumbling with Pythonic GUI toolkits will be of help primarily to other clueless newbies who are looking for a starting point try to get a handle on gui toolkits for Python, and which one to try to learn first.

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