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MogheMoghe Member Posts: 2
I have a windows 2000 server, Can I download any RTOS some board sitmulators, so that I can do some embedded programming.
I have downloaded QNXMomentics ISO
Non-Commercial Edition
This free download contains the latest version of QNX's Neutrino RTOS with the QNX Photon microGUI. This ISO is a complete realtime development platform with a comprehensive suite of tools and software. QNXMomentics NC is the self-hosted version of the full QNXMomentics product excluding the Eclipse IDE. It does include PhAB, Photon's graphical application builder, and many command line development tools.

I do not know what to do next as it is an ISO file i need to copy it on a CD. Then what next. Can I have an RTOS running on my windows 2000 server so that do some embedded programming.
Thank you.
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