Handling updates via the web

Hi, All.

Just curious to know if anyone can give me some advice on best practice here.

Scenario is this: currently updates of the key software are handled on floppy disk (due to legacy). We will be commencing a project to migrate this across to a web based system for deploying updates.

The main difficulty is that the software product is highly customised for each of our clients - our Updates generally fix bugs to some core modules or include new documents etc that the system uses (the product is designed to manage legal documents).

The easiest solution - provide an FTP site and write a program to check a preset Client folder for available updates and then download these to a folder in order to be run.

A better solution would be to allow Clients to download updates off our web page - this is what we'd really like. The problem here is that each Client can have completely different paths setup - core files here, updates there, documents somewhere else etc.

Ideally - when the User clicks on "get update", we would have a component fetch the file and save it to the appropriate folder. This would allow for the inclusion of other information displayed on the page. The operator shouldn't need to know specifically where to save the update files TO in order to run them. We would also like feedback to let us know when Clients have downloaded our updates.

Can anyone recommend the best combination of technologies to achieve this? ActiveX component with tag? JavaScript?
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