I need a programmer.

Hi. I need a good fast programmer immediately for a very small (relatively) program. I will not pay a whole lot as I have seen a similar program selling.

My problem:
-I need to create pixel fonts (that are useable true type fonts)
-There are no reasonably priced programms that can do this.

My wants:
-I want a programmer to make me software that is similar to Pixelfont. You can find Pixelfont at:
I want a program that is as easy to use as Pixelfont. In fact, I want something that is quite similar to it. What I want to be able to do is create a font just as easily as you can in Pixelfont, and then turn it into a useable TrueType font. If you download the program, and make a pixel font with it, you will see what I mean. Pixelfont has something about .c source code, I don't care about that part, it is useless to me.
I want the software to have a New, Open, Save, and Export icons (like the Pixelfont software.
I want the new icon to start a new font, giving me similar options to Pixelfont. (on the left side of the New Font window, it lets you choose custom, acsii, or something else...i dont care about this part as long as i can make a useable font).
Open must be able to open an existing TrueType font, or a working font project.
Save will save my current work as some type of working project file.
Export must be able to convert my working font into a working TrueType font file.
Pixel font does everything I want except turn my working file into a TrueType font, so software that very closely resembled Pixelfont is what I am looking for. Feel free to go over and above.

Pixelfont is worth $39. So I am willing to pay $50 to get my own program. If you think this is grossly less than the software would be worth, email me (s.crumly@sasktel.net) and tell me. Based on your email I would be willing to pay more. I really want this software so make me a fair offer and we can work something out.

Btw, if I have come off as a prick it is only because I was trying to get all the specs listed. Really I am pretty nice and think anyone would enjoy doing this for me.

Theres a couple other things...whoever makes this for me doesnt get to distribute it. You can put yourself in the credits or whatever you want, just dont get to give it to anyone.

scott crumly

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