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DLLs, template libraries and the GAC help!

I have created a class library using that is composed of two com class objects. When I build the solution a dll and a template file are create. I can call the functions that are apart of the class library from other applications on the machine I compiled the code on because when the code is compiled the appropriate registry entries are made.
My question is how do I distribute the template library/dll to other computers so that I may call the functions inside the class library from applications on those other, stand alone, computers?
I tried signing the dll/tlb with a strong name and putting it into the GAC but that does not work because I reference ADOX 2.7 for data definition and security, which is not strongly named, inside the class library. Even if I remove the reference from ADOX 2.7, once I distribute the dll I cannot see its member functions in the other programs, just the fact that the DLL is in the GAC. Any help would be appreciated.

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