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A.R.I.A. DEVELOPMENTS - 03/05/03 Alternative Recording

Industry Association With regard to P2P and file sharing, we share files with friends for many different reasons and always encrypt those. We are close to finalizing the development of software that takes this a stage further. This software effectively resides on the net itself without any real interface being on a pc. The trick is to break all files into variable length segments and to encrypt those segments and duplicate and store as small packets on any T1 or above connected PC. These packets of data have a "hook and eye " that only recognizes the next link and so prevents any packets that are viruses or even fake segments fitting in the chain.

An encrypted database, of IP addresses of the T1 or above PC's that are online is similarly encrypted and distributed about the entire network. Other software, again with encryption and broken into packets monitors on a continuous basis the number of segments residing on live PCs and if a PC goes offline it will make a duplicate and encrypt it and add to another PC coming online. All a user has to do to retrieve any file is to obtain any IP address of any PC on the system and that will automatically link him to the network and download an encrypted interface that is very small and simply has the ability to accept a file name and a location for a folder with files to be shared.

The files to be shared are then broken into segments, encrypted and distributed over the net to any T1 or above connection and stored as a temp file on that PC whilst it is online. Counting of the files and optimization of the number of copies is done with other software residing on other PCs. the optimization is done with regard to demand at the time ensuring the fastest downloads. The encrypted database of IP addresses continuously feeds the information required to any Pc that is looking for that file segment of its whereabouts. Downloads of encrypted segments is typically done in the order of 1.2 to 18 seconds.

Collecting file segments is just the reverse of this process and only when the entire file is downloaded and all the pieces, with the "hook and eye" confirming that the correct segments are in place, will the software decrypt the file. Bingo. The file appears on your PC and all the encrypted segments are deleted.
As more and more IP addresses are added to the ever shifting databases and the number of copies of file segments increases that reside even temporarily on online PCs then the chances of retrieving in a very short time the file you want increases. Even going online and opening the initial IP address finder will start your system downloading file segments from your shared file folder onto the system ready for future use by any other user. This system will encrypt any file and any file that is traded will either be a complete file that is uncorrupted before being decrypted on a users PC or it will be a fake file that is also uncorrupted. It will take an unimaginable number of fake files to be uploaded to swamp the number of genuine files so the chance of downloading a fake file is relatively small. Interruptions to download will be at a minimum, and because everything is encrypted using the latest encryption techniques, together with the very fast download times for segments, then the possibility of being accused of being a file trader or having your files decrypted whilst in progress is infinitesimally small.

We are currently looking for testers for the beta version and other interested professionals to help with the final development of this software. We are aiming for about 100 new developers to join us to! If you are interested please contact A.R.I.A. developments at [email protected] for more information.


Please copy and post to as many bulletin boards as you can find with the proviso that any readers do the same .
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