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I'm a newbie and have very limited experience in PHP. I want to ask about a project I'm going to do and get opinions.

Ok, here it is:
I want to create a dynamic community on my site. I want instant messaging, a message board, a photo gallery, journals, an agenda, polls, and the most important focus will be on the user profile.

I have checked out phpNuke and the other's similar, but I find them too restricting for my taste because I want something very customizable as far as the design goes. So, the question is: Will it be possible to use different scripts for each feature I want and use the same authentification for all and the next question is: Is it possible to find a script for user profiles that I can customize, so that I can ask for the information from the user that which I choose with a photo or two and then post the info on their profile?

I hope this is clear, but I understand that this may be quite complex, but the problem is that I don't have enough time to do all of the code myself. I'm not looking for a complex answer, but does anyone have suggestion that can steer me on the right path.

Thanks a lot for any help


  • I feel your pain. I am travelling down the same road, most definitely. Though I think I have solved half of my problem. I've found the basic scripts that I'm going to use to do this, but now what I need is a way to tie them all together. It's possible to do certainly, the only thing is, you have do design an interface that will call to all of the components that you want. I've started a project of my own called the Avalon Project, the goal of which is to drop the term CMS(It leaves a bad taste in my mouth after postnuke)and develop an Online community platform. The idea of which is to make this for small scale webmasters like me who want to bring a group together, but don't want to spend all their time looking for components or making them work together. email me at [email protected], if having some input on this project interests you.
  • For a newbie that has "very limited experience in PHP" this project is a very agressive. What you have is the knowledge of a carpenter that knows what a hammer and nail is and want's to build a mansion. Start with a doghous to get the feel for other tools and work up.

    My opinion is to make a bunch of small projects that will teach you what you need to ultimately build your community. Plan out the comunity as well as you can, grab a small piece and program a project that will teach you how that piece can be put together. Don't program the community piece itself, but something that is similar to learn the techniques you need.


  • You're missing the point, Walt. I'm not trying to become a programmer. There are plenty of programmer's around. I am talking about putting together the requirements, forming a team to build it, and make it available to those of us who want an interactive, online community. To use your carpenter analogy, I'm looking to have a home built that's a split level rancher with a brick interior, hardwood floors, a fireplace, large windows that let in plenty of light, solar panels. and an exceptionally large bathtub. Most of the builders that I have seen thus far are only making Tudors. You see, I don't have to be a carpenter to know what kind of house that I want. In this situation, I'm looking for the right carpenter to help me bring my desires to life.
    There are webmasters out there who don't want to become programmers. We just want to run our baseball fan website, or dating site, and have it have all the features we want. To date, none of the CMS groups that I have looked into are really listening to what webmasters like myself are asking for-- and so those of us who really want more or a better system, are bold enough to go looking for someone to help us build it. It's a build a better mousetrap kind of situation.
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