I think I've found a new way to learn game programming

In the "Vietnam 2 Special Assignment game I've been able to alter it by clicking on the "Special Ops" desktop icon and click on "Properties" then click on "Target." I scroll down to the "Configuration" file and edit alterations. Some work and some don't. It's been mostly trial and error thus far. But, I've had some amazing results, as well as some game lockups that required reloading the game from scratch.

If anyone else is experimenting, please post at the following BBS also. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks! ---Jack

P.S. You can also save the "SAVE" folders, and reinsert them at a later time to get back to a point in the game that you really enjoyed. I have burned a CD that is full of different "SAVES." I always rename them so as not to confuse the computer; but when reinserted, they have to be renamed "SAVE" only, and only one "SAVE" in the play-files at any given time. ----Jack

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