Calling Matlab Function from an user interface done with VB or VB.Net

I am Utkan Cagri Kocak from Turkey.
We try to finish our school and our term project is Brain Mapping..
We take datas(the voltages occur at different electrodes that connected to different parts of the head) from an 19 electrode EEG device and we interpolate and color map these datas..
We can do it now with Matlab..But I want to make it more beautiful with an user interface and I have to use VB or VB.Net.I want user to click a button, enter the datas that took from 19 electrode(or maybe program can take datas from excel)and click to button and see the map..
But I dont know how can I use Matlab function in VB, I dont know if there is a compiler that converts Matlab Code to VB code..
If it is impossible, do I have a chance with Visual C++??
Thank you for your consideration. I hope you all show me a way..


  • Hi Utkan

    I know this is alittle strange but I just saw your question about calling matlab from visual basic that you asked on may 3, 2003 (7 years ago). Right know I am in your position and have some matlab functions that do matrix calculations. I want to make interface by Visual basic and don't know how should i do that.

    I am sending this message to you because I think maybe you find the solution. would you please guide me? should I use any other language for making interface? or I can use visual basic? and how can I do that?

    please answer me to my email: [email protected]

    Thank you very much and hope you get my message.
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