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Printers over Networks

FoodBoxFoodBox Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone this is my first post here.

I am doing a Co-op position as a systems officer up in Canada. I am fairly new to all of this stuff and haven't had much(if any) experience with batch files. Well I have a fiber coming in (dsl) with over 30 computers to deal with. All running a unique program. What I am really looking for is someone who can tell me how to write batch files so i can direct the printing on all these computers to specific buildings/printers/print servers.

Treat me as if i know nothing cause i probably won't make the same assumptions that come automatically to all of you.

I assume that I need the path to the printers i am trying to print to but what else do I need to do/include

Thanks Btw I'm a first year College student in Ontario

Mike aka Fatty Boxman
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