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How to start console programming..????

khutikhuti Member Posts: 1
Hi there, i am currently a web designer and developer so i kinda know about programming and stuff, but just recentley ive thought about game programming but how would someone like myself get into sumthing like that?? i mean where would i even start!? lol! ive done abit of c++ in my time but i dont understand how u get it all to mingle intogether with graphics and then have a game up and running.... anyhelp would be very much appreciated!



  • CaineCaine Member Posts: 5
    hy khuti,

    why not first try to make a pc game, It's hard enough. And if you do not know how we put things like graphics and classes together into a game. I suggest that you first need to broaden your horizon in C++ or any other language. Then the step to a console is less difficult and believe me game programming is like... addicting. I think you'd enjoy it anyway.
    I hope I helped you a bit, and whatever you do, enjoy programming.

    Best regards Caine

  • dovotodovoto Member Posts: 2
    Well it depends much on the consol you want to develope for. The most activly developed consols are curently Gameboy Advance and the PS2. By far the easiest and most fun to start with is Gameboy Advance. There is a very supportive comunity that has a very active chat channel on mirc (effnet #gbadev) and many websites devoted to getting started. A few places to start: <--my site which has everything you need to get started including all the tools and nearly a hundred pages in tutorials. <-- a great news site were you will find many tools and demos and lots of other tidbits. <-- one of the best collections of knowlage and facts on the gb gbc and gba available. Even better than that provided by nintendo to their official devers I have been told.

    These sites will lead you to all the others if you need more. Most of the other consols also have and active following. Dreamcast is still quite popular is the place to start with that. Atari is actualy still being done by an elete few (it is quite the system to code for) and there is even a decent tutorial at:

    nes is still going although I am not sure were to start on that one. THat is about all I got for starting out. If not what you are looking for there is allways google :)


    aka dovoto
  • niksad008niksad008 Member Posts: 32
    Game programming is like a world on its own and it is not that easy to conquer. You can only conquer it by experience game programming is like art you cant learn it( well you can to a certain extent ) beyond that you will have to customize the game engine (the thing that does all the hard work behind the game). If you are serious about game programming, then these are some fields you may have to look apon. Directx programming, OpenGL programming for the graphics part. Windows event handling and Direct Input to capture all the keyboard commands. Some maths(Trignometry, geometry, matrices and so on). And a bit of game programming. If you think you cant do some of this there are always pre programmed components avaiable for free that you may use in your code( as long as you dont use these pre made components to make profit) like the Direct Sound and Direct Music Engine.

    Now as you know there are 2 types of programming 2d programming. and 3d programming (todays stuff).
    If you want to learn 3d programming there is this great site http:\
    This site is dedicated to opengl 3d game programming they contains tutorials from simple graphics to advanced physics and collision engines. Worth a read.
    Try that site and check their links they have some excellent resources.

    You have a long journey but i am sure you will like every moment of it.

  • staticgerbilstaticgerbil Member Posts: 87
    [b][red]This message was edited by staticgerbil at 2003-8-13 1:3:12[/red][/b][hr]
    "and 3d programming (todays stuff)"


    I programmed in 2d today ;) Go GBA!

    By the way dovoto's site is well worth a look. It's great!

  • vijetvijet Member Posts: 9
    hello khuti ....
    as I read just now ...
    u r a professional web designer .....
    so I hope u know java-script very well ..... isn't it .....
    so using game studio u can build amazing games .....
    how .... ??? let me explain ....

    game studio includes 3 editors ..... 1 for making levels ,another for models and one more very important the c-script editor .....!!!
    c-scripts much similar to java-script so this will be a plus point to u ...

    because any one can build the models and the levels using softwares of game studio .... or for much better graphics gmax or 3ds max or maya ......
    but the important thing is to write codes ..... so start gaming soon ...

    now I am learing the c-sript .....
    I know c and c++ a bit ....
    its very simple language ......

    u can download the game studio a6.2 from its a 30 days trial software ....

    I hope .... u'll enjoy it ......

  • sneakerchicksneakerchick Member Posts: 3
    I suggest you should first improve your C++ or any other language.
  • sneakerchicksneakerchick Member Posts: 3
    I suggest you should first improve your C++ or any other language.
  • sneakerchicksneakerchick Member Posts: 3
    yeah i agree with....C++ is must for further console programming
  • smccdsmccd Member Posts: 8
    Try my console development resource at:
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