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Help! I need any Assembler (MASM or NASM) code


I'm a student at Lutheran's University of Brazil, and I desperately need a working code of Assembler (MASM or NASM).

Codes like demonstrating a string manipulation, (length of a given string), or any simple algorithm ( e.g. fibonacci, factorial, celsius to fahrenheit conversion)are welcome. The code(s) must be totally error-free, and also it should be possible to compile it on MASM or NASM (I only have compiler for these environments).

I already have some samples, but I can't just make it work. I even don't know if the codes provide some basic user input... I can't write a single line in Assembler (my professor only gave us the class work and told us to look for help anywhere).

I thank you in advance for any help.

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