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I have a question on Windows XP Scripting. My language of choice is VBScript. We've got a network setup at school, where the students log in using either a username assigned to the computer, or a username we assign them. In the case of the latter, them logging in with their assigned username, 1 thing doesn't happen that needs to. 6 things should happen, 1 doesn't. The first:

Printer is added over network (\P-APP-SERVERLASER-L200)

If they have a folder for Peachtree, it is mapped to drive P: (\P-APP-SERVERP %USERNAME%)

If they have a folder for Quickbooks, it is mapped to drive Q: (\P-APP-SERVERQ %USERNAME%)

A map to \P-APP-SERVERSTUDENTFILES is made via drive Z:

Icons to:
"ExamView" program on
"Online Evaluations" program on
are made.

That's just great. I'm up a creek, minus one paddle. My problem is Quickbooks. It does not allow the user to continue if they don't have elevated priviledges. Let me give you an example. I log in using my username. In my profile on the server (NT4 Server), I am god. I am in the administrator group, every group there. Quickbooks does not give me any beef. Any of the other students (who are members of domain users, and nothing more), get told the following:

User Access Rights Problem

Your user account for Windows was created with Restricted access to system resources. This will prevent Quickbooks from operating properly. Please contact your system administrator and ask him or her to grand you Standard user rights.

Ok. Got that? Now, in order to get this to go away, I can either give them administrative rights on the domain (which is out of the question), or I can add them as a local user in Windows XP Pro. I go Start -> Control Panel -> Users. Add user, and username, say jsmith, and domain is P-APP. Adds fine. We log off of Jsmith, Jsmith logs back in, and can can run Quickbooks with no problem, and he doesn't have administrative access to the domain, just to the computer. Which, I really don't give two hoots about because of our system. It is a device inside of the chassis, hooked into the floppy cable, powered by a 12V rail. Called Centurion Guard. *Any* changes made to the system are discarded when it is rebooted. We get a worm? No problem. Reset button, worm no more. Easy. Or is it? That change I made to Jsmith. It's gone now. I hope you understand my situation now. Here's what I need to know.

1: Modify the shortcut they use so that the elevated user for that system runs quickbooks. By elevated, I mean the standard rights we gave to Jsmith earlier. So, you've got Administrator as administrator, and App-32 as power user. I know they are on netbios name of App32. Jsmith is not in control panel as standard user. App-32 is. I want to run Quickbooks AS the user App-32. This gives Jsmith his Q: folder on the network, and let Quickbooks run without restriction.

2: BEFORE login process takes effect (in login script), I add particular user as a "power user" to the system they are currently on.

I hope someone understands my pleas for help.

Thank you all.



  • You simply gave them Guest User access level rights. You need to increase these rights to a standard user level for XP Pro. XP Pro has several levels. Administrator, Standard User, and Restricted User. You have them in the third group as far as XP is concerned. They need to be put into the second gouping. However you are using an NT server. So on the server the account needs to be upped a little. You do know that there is more than just Administrator and User. You also have power users, backup users, and custom defined users. Creat your own custom defined group then add these folks into it. Then the have the privledges they need and nothing more.
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  • I got it solved. Thanks!
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