your help is needed!!!!!

Can any body help me to write the following programm by c (not c++).

Write the program using file system that acts as a database which uses a file to add and delete and display the record using the student Id as the primary key to display the record.

Take the following fields in student record

Student ID

Student Name

Course Name

Course number

//which can be explained as fllows://

Write the program which inserts,deletes,displays the student record using some file which stores records of the students.

A record is the collection of attributes or fields such as Student id, Student name, Course name, Course number.

The output of the project should be like this:

1: Addition of record

2: Deletion of record

3: Display the record

4: Exit

Enter the choice:

(if you enter 1)

Enter the student id , name ,course name, course number.

(After entering the record press enter)

The record is added

Enter the choice:

(if you enter 2)

Enter the student id of the student whose record is to be deleted

(After entering the student id, press enter)

The record is deleted

Enter the choice:

(If you enter the 3)

Enter the student id :

The record of the student should be retrieved and displayed.

Enter the choice:

(If you enter the 4)

The program should stop executing

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