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Tweaked ModeX 320x240x256

ShadowFlameShadowFlame Member Posts: 17
i tried many source codes but after all only the included EXE-file worked correctly. how can i change mode 13h to 320x240x256-tweaked? nothing worked correctly (the problem is that i'm only able to put pixels at few positions).
where can i get a working example without any complicated other useless functions? also it would be very kind if someone could show or explain me the code by replying...


  • TompaynterTompaynter Member Posts: 1
    I have written a dos lib for 320 X 200 X 256 if that is of any interest to you?

    It cand ba a little slow

    It works fine in Borland C++ when using dos projects.

    If ur interested take a look below:

    [email protected]
  • angelusMortisangelusMortis Member Posts: 141
    i started learning modex from sources on this site. there is somewhere a source from bitripper. in my opinion its a good one. there are also sources from vla they explain how to set other modes.
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