ww power controller

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    : I design a new instrument which helps to control your home appliance's power from far off place. this includes c, vb, and electronics.
    : that means, your home appliances can be controlled from any... place, from any other contry , from space, or even from undergroud.
    : the only need is computers with internet facility.
    : but, i have some doubts,
    : is it powerful tool?
    : is it tough to design by any engineers?
    : can it make new view in software technology?
    : is it first in studets level?
    : and what are the advantages from this project?
    : please tell me any idea of its enhancement or any commets or suggestion
    : thank u
    Doesn't seem too hard, and well within a good student's level, like me, just don't hook the alarm to it, or you'll get cracked and they can turn off the alarm and just break in.

    As always, more info always helps.

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