OpenGL fullscreen mouse coordinates

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Good morning (it is morning here)

I was building a small texture editor in opengl, when I noticed that mouse coordinates dont go out from range X:0-1021 Y:0-765 with resolution 1024x768x16 and X:0-797 Y:0-595 with 800x600x16 and probably with other resolutions as well. Another thing is that WM_MOUSEMOVE message does not seem to arrive always when mouse is closing to the resolution borders. Is the window with different size or something? If someone knows the reason for either of these things I would like to know as well.

(:----------- A bit later same day ----------------:)

Ok no need to reply, I found a simple solution. Instead of using WM_MOUSEMOVE event, I use GetCursorPos(Point *p), this corrects the problem.


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