using COM components in C#/ASP.NET

I am trying to use a COM component that I wrote in my ASP.NET page. I don't have any code worth posting, the only thing I've tried to do so far is create an object to use the dll methods that I wrote. For some reason the line of code I wrote to create the object isn't working. I have tried this same code in a C# win32 app and it worked fine, but it doesn't work in ASP.NET. What I have is a single button, behind the click event of the button I have

DbBus.CDbControllerClass = new CDbControllerClass();

I have tried several variations of this same code(ie. CDbController() rather than CDbControllerClass()), as well as many others. Nothing seems to work.

Can somebody PLEASE HELP!! I have been trying to figure this out almost a week pathetically enough! If you want, I can send anyone the .dlls to try out, if you can create an ASP.NET page that creates an object from this .dll, I'll be forever greatful. Or just let me know if there is something I'm doing wrong.

If you'd like to get a hold of me, email me at

P.S. - This code compiles fine, it just crashes during runtime once it hits that line.

thank you very much

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