D/L MASM & good tutorial

Where can I download MASM? I have heard that it is free, but I can't find it anywhere. I have VC++ 6 Introductory Version, does MASM come with that?

Also, where can I find a good tutorial on assembler? I mean the VERY basics, I know essentially nothing about assembly language, although I am familiar with C++.

Thanks a lot.



  • Ok to learn ASM you want The Art of Assembly

    After you know ASM you'll probably want to learn how to program ASM in Windows so you'll want the Iczelion tutorials.

    Also I believe there is a link to a site containing MASM at the iczelion site I'll list below.

    webster.cs.ucr.edu : Art of Assembly

    win32asm.cjb.net : : Win32 ASM Tutorials

  • Check out this site ! It even has a tutorial on how to patch the Opera 3.5x browser to make it registered forever !!!




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