Compressing files...need help here

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Hi there.

I am using Acrobat PDF writer to compresses image files and for each different image file, i get different code. Below is the code i obtained after compressing a bitmap file with the word hello.

s(,pWJ%pL"XY,]H"2QW`AHukk13Fg8_IXN54",ntGVWr1OoOdCTY`[email protected]$94+
&VL`fOcKM^[email protected]%[email protected]

May I know. How can I compress a file and get such code? The type of compression used is ASCII based 85 transformation.

Now, I am developing a program that compresses bitmap files. I use Acrobat to do the compressing for me so that I can get the code and use them in my codings. Therefore, they are all hard coded.

I wish to find materials on this type of compression and even an algorithm to help me to understand this, but seems like I did not manage to find such thing. Can you help?


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