Turbo Pascal 1.5 Window Background help

G'day guys im using TP 1.5 because that is what my schools has so i have to use it but i wont to know four things(because i have to make a computer game for school im making an rpg text based) in my game i would like pictures in the window background like if i got to a city in the background of the window it shows a picture of the city and so on, secondly i would like to know how to insert pictures, thirdly how to change text colour and font and last but not least how to get the pascal to display file saved prevously by the program thnx to anyone that can help if you could email your help to me at cartledgetr@sac.qld.edu.au or just post it here i would greatly appreciate it

p.s im also will to show anyone my code and engine for my r.p.g


-Tristan Cartledge


  • Can some one please help or answer at least one of these questions as this is for a school assignment thnx
    : -Tristan Cartledge

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