Runtime error 207

Hi all,

I have a pascal compiled program (no source code) and i think it was compiled without FPU support or so. So it gives a runtime error 207 on my pentium 2 (350mhz).

I already patched it with the SUPER patch of acheronX ! to get rid of runtime error 200 so i don't have that problem anymore.

Can somebody help me to get rid of error 207?


Viktor Vos


  • You do not state what version of the compiler was used, or what o/s you

    are using. I'll hazard a guess that it is a dod-mode program and you are

    running win9x.

    If the program was compiled with x87 emulation then the existence of an

    fpu should not bring about an error, the fpu would just be of no benefit.

    If the option was "emulate or use" then there possibly might be a problem

    if the fpu emulation was not carried out correctly.

    I have my suspicions that this may not be the real problem. Have you tried

    running this program under win9x dos mode, or from a non-windows dos


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