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I am looking for some coders for a project that I am putting together. I have a small website http://www.interracial-voices.com. It's basically a content management system done in PostNuke with a bulletin board. It's nothing special--and that's the problem.

I recently started looking into to adding some features and functionality to the site so that it would operate more like a real online community.Through modules I was able to add chat to it, but the thing that was seriously lacking, and that my people wanted more was instant messaging. I began looking in the postnuke community to see if there was such a thing. There is but it's pedestrian... It uses the private messaging system of the CMS to send you mini emails back and forth. It's not dynamic, and though I have it on my site, no one really uses it.

I also tried looking into standalone IM systems. Most of them are good, but so costly that none but the most capital rich websites can actually afford to implement them. I'm probably never going to be the size of yahoo, but I would like for my users to be able to really chat with each other while they are on the site.

I'm not a programmer, which is why I have been looking for someone who might help me put together something original and useful to those of us in the php cms community. Such a thing could be adapted to fit a number of different bulletin boards and cms in order to really give those of us in the web CMS community what we're looking for.

I did have an idea for how to really accomplish it. It seems to me that all it needs now is a talented coder to have a little faith in it. My idea would be to develop a small scale instant messaging solutions that could be made available.

I hope I have piqued your curiousity. I would love to discuss the idea in further detail if it interests you. you can email me at avalon@interracial-voices.com
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