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read binary file

caseyrockscaseyrocks Member Posts: 27

i have a struct that i seem to have successfully written to a binary file. now i'm trying to read that same binary file into another struct of a different name. the second struct does not seem to be accepting the binary data. is there any way to do this with the two structs? i have tried it both by initializing the second struct with "-1" and by not initializing it. here are the important pieces of code:
//writing the file

ofstream outfile("hashtable.dat");
if (!outfile.is_open())
{ ferror=2;
cout << "Unable to open output file. Error code: " << ferror;
{ outfile.write((char *) &ht, sizeof(ht));//, 1);//, outfile);

//reading the file

ifstream infile("hashtable.dat");
if (!infile.is_open())
{ ferror=3;
cout << "Unable to open input file. Error code: " << ferror;
{ *) &ht2, sizeof(ht2));//, 1);//, outfile);


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