I have a nice little idea for a feature I would like to offer. We are a website for francophiles and people are using our site to plan trips to france. I would like to give them a bookmark page where they can store their favorite pages from our website so that they can easily go back and show the articles they found from a different computer.

I would think it should be possible to put a link on the website and this link will then store the link in a database. My problem is that I can only put one link into the database and i would like to guve them the choice of having an unlimited place for their links.

thank you in advance



  • "My problem is that I can only put one link into the database"

    So thats your problem. What are you using to store the links in? every kind of database can hold more than 1 link. Please give some more detailed info on your problem. what database do you use etc.

    url--> (ssh,ftp,http,smtp,jabber etc etc)

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