converting numbers to roman numerals

HI there, can anyone help me with a problem. I am in my first year in C++ programming class. How can i comvert a year between 1000 to 3000 in roman numerals. Please remember this is very new to me.
Here is two examples:
We have covered functions and are in the chapter of loops and flow control.
Thank you for your help



  • What we need to do is split the number into its parts. 1890 has 3 parts to it: 1000 + 800 + 90. 1963 gas 4: 1000 + 900 + 60 + 3. Since we are restricted to 1000-3000 we know we'll have 4 digits, with at least one "part" to convert.

    We could write a function responsible for converting any number "part" to its roman numeral equivelent.

    BOOL ConvertNumeral(int num, char *numeral)
    //cover the possibles for the first part
    if(num == 1000 && strlen(numeral) >= 1)
    strcpy(numeral, "M");
    else if(num == 2000 && strlen(numeral) >= 2)
    strcpy(numeral, "MM");
    else if(num == 3000 && strlen(numeral) >=3)
    strcpy(numeral, "MMM");

    //now for the possible second parts
    else if(num == 100 && strlen(numeral) >= 1)
    strcpy(numeral, "C");
    else if(num == 200 && strlen(numeral) >= 2)
    strcpy(numeral, "CC");
    else if(num == 300 && strlen(numeral >= 3)
    strcpy(numeral, "CCC");
    else if(num == 400 && strlen(numeral) >= 4)
    strcpy(numeral, "CCCC");
    else if(num == 500 && strlen(numeral >= 2)
    strcpy(numeral, "VC");
    ...//yada yada, you get the point here. Next you need to check the
    //tens digits, then the ones then you are done.

    //remember, the numeral string passed to this function should NOT
    //be the string storing the final answer, but a temp variable
    return TRUE if the roman numeral value was found, FALSE if not.

    now convert the original number to a convertable form. We need to find its "parts." Do this by storing the parts in an array, and dividing the original until we get what we want.

    int num = 1986, divisor = 1000;
    char roman[1024] = "";
    char numeral[16];

    for(int i = 0; i <= 3; i++){
    if(ConvertNumeral((num/divisor)*divisor, numeral))
    strcat(roman, numeral);

    num %= divisor;
    divisor /= 10;

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