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directX 9 and C#

floozyfloozy Member Posts: 38
Hi there,

Im working on a 3D construction programs using directX 9.0 and all works well.

The project is in its finishing stages and I tried to test it on a clean system.

My install manager checks system for installed directX versions, if older versions or none are found directX can be installed.

Same procedure for the .NET-Framework, only then the user is able to install the application itself.

However, Im not able to run it.

Then I tested one of the sample program from the directX 9 tutorials on that same system (directX and .Net-Framework installed) and it didnt work either. Only after installing the directX SDK, the programm started. My own app still doesnt work and I get error messages like

"The application has created an exception that could not be handled.
Process id=0x1ec (some number), Thread id=.....................ra ra"

Same shit as with the directX sample before SDK was installed.

Anyone with ideas how to compile a working release version of an application using directX 9

So far I wasnt able to find anything in the documentation either.

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