Re: Emaino !! Will it works for "Dynamic Menu" creation also ? ?

Hi Emaino,

Simply, when i click on "Menu Item" then i should get a message of its text.

The problem is, there can be two Menu Items with same text. But when i Click on one "Menu Item 1", i sholud perform some action. And when i click on another "Menu Item 2", i should perform another action. But remember, here both the "Menu Item 1" and "Menu Item 2" have the same text. Then how it is possible to distinguish with your code ?

Can you please suggest me the way to perform the task with sample code.

Advance ThanX for your time & patience.


: Kishore
: This can be done, but which type of events are you looking for? Becuase most of these events are going to have to be staticly coded which kind of defeats the purpose of the dynamic creation.

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