can i set any option to compile my codes from hosted server

i'm using code-behind to develop my ASP.NET site. after hosting, i made some changes in some .aspx files and after that i uploaded .aspx files to server. now my question, can i set any option to compile my codes to generate .dll file from hosted server itself.


  • First of all you don't need a dll update after changing a aspx file. Only if you changed the .cs file(code behind) do you need to recompile and replace the dll.

    You can't compile on the server cause it should only contain the .Net Framework and not the SDK(meaning that it will not run the development version of the Framework)
    The whole point behind Code-Behind is that you dont need to distribute your business logic.

    You can however include a non-compiled code behind file, but this is generally not necessary if you compile and just upload a dll to the server.

    If it is an upload solution that you looking for then you might want to try ftp.
    I can give you code for this.

  • thaks for your reply.
    can u send me some useful links to master & c# pgming language.
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