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ms words spellcheck

does anyone know how to access MS Words' spell & grammar checking function from their program?
I am writing my own text editor and wants to be able to check for grammar/spelling mistake. Since MS Words has such a capability, i would like to utilise it. is there a .dll file we could use? Where can i find it and what does the api look like?
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  • veliusvelius Posts: 456Member
    I don't know about that but you could just as easyly write your own. You would want to create a second thread to spell check in real time though.

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  • chick80chick80 Posts: 349Member
    If I remember well I think there is a text file that contains the word in the vocabulary.
    As for the *advanced* grammar correction, like verbs with wrong subject and so on I think you cannot access them so easily. (and btw, in the Italian version these advanced controls don't work really good... pheraphs in the English version they work better, I don't know!).


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