DirectX and BC45

Can anybody help with a DirectX related problem im having in Borland c++ 4.5

i have a win32 directx programme setup as follows: include directories are set to "c:c45include; c:mssdkinclude", library directories are set to "c:c45lib; c:mssdkliborland".

i placed the following code at the start of my programme as i read somewhere it was necessary:

#if defined(__BORLANDC__) && defined(__WIN32__)

#define _WIN32


i also have the following includes:




the programme compiles find but i keep getting this linker error:

"Linker Error: Unresolved external 'DirectDrawCreate' referenced from module 'prog1.cpp'"


i thought this was down to the fact that i had not directed my project to the ddraw.lib file. so i added a lib node to my project pointing to 'c:mssdklibddraw.lib'

after compiling i get this linker error:

"Linker Fatal: Bad object file 'c:mssdk.....' near file offset 0"

does anybody know why this is happening?

any help would be appreciated


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