vb- programs needed urgently

Hi if there is anyone that can help me with the following urgently.

1) I need a Word replacer program that allows the user to enter a piece of text and than replace every occurrence of a particular word in that text with another word of the users choice.

2) I need another program that allows the user to enter a paragraph of text in a textbox and then counts the number of occurrences of a chosen word in that text. The text must not be case sensitive and the number of occurrences of the word should be displayed on a suitably informative message Box.

3) I also need to explain what is meant by object oriented programming. Give explanations of 5 key concepts with reference to how these concepts are evident in visual basic programming.

One final thing too does any one know how to extract coding from an exe program file.

If anyone could please, please, help me i would very, very grateful.
My email address is [email protected]


  • [blue] Hi
    Just read ur message.
    the program can be easily made
    If u r still interested message me again on this post
    And its nearly impossible to extract code from an exe
    as instruction in exe are written in compressed binary fomr and retreival is possible but will take a year or so.
    So nobody does that. [/blue]
    Er. [blue]Gurpreet Singh [/blue](B.E [blue]Mech.)[/blue][/b]

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