We need a programmer in the Chicago area

What's going on people? I am the Art Director of an small development video game company in Illinois. We are developing a demo on PC, but looking to sell the idea to Microsoft, for the Xbox system. We are in need of a programmer. We will most likely be working in C++. We have an engine, Torque, and a demo script near completion. Some info you need to know:

Will you get paid? NO. Not right away. This is because we don't have the proper funding. This is why we need you. We hope to complete a game demo and either get publishing or a co-development deal. Once that is attained, then you will get paid for your time and have an opportunity at a full-time position.
How much will I have to work? As much free time that you can offer. We actually encourage you to have a job because we understand you have lives as we do. We are looking for a creative programmer with a sense of humor with whom we can offer some creative freedom. If you know anyone interested, please let me know. Thanks and much luck in your endeavors.


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