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I am a computer engineering student from Singapore. I have a problem in doing my project, which involves Java and Embedded Visual C++ 6.0 (MFC).
I wrote Visual C++ MFC program for Windows CE 3.0 which is doing signal processing on PC/104 single-board computer and this program displays all the results from signal processing on the computer monitor in signal form. (Single board computers can be connected with Monitor.) Now the problem is that I want to control this MFC program from a Desktop computer using Java Applet. Java Applet will take the results from MFC program and show them to the user in signal form. At the same time, I want to keep and run the GUI of VC++ MFC program according to my project requirements.

I tried to connect to the MFC program from a Desktop computer using socket programming. I already written socket module for MFC and Java and they two can communicate. However, I can't add socket module to the MFC program, because of Doc And View for GUI of MFC. Due to it, I can't control MFC program for Java Applet. I don't know how to add my socket module (written in C++) to VC++ 6.0 MFC.

If it is possible and convenient to you, I really want the advice and suggestions from all of you as soon as possible becasue my project due date is comming !!!


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