Challenging question? Who is like to take?

MY requirement
Tamil language Keyboard input editor.

in english keyboard i have to configure a way to give the user an option to type 256 characters.

Methods adopted are
1.Wh_Getmessage hook
2.Wh_keyboard HOOk

Basic idea

When a user type a character check the previous character typed and send combination of 2 or 3 characters to the application.
methods tried to send extended ascii characters to the application
1.Keyboard_event -- failed
2.SEndInput --- failed
3.postmessage-- able to send extended ascii characters to any application.

I want a solution for this
Say user type "A" -->A is send to the application
Now Say user type "B"-->
Now i used wh_Getmessage hook and using the MSG structure i typecast the WM_char of B to a backspace character.

case 'B':
msg->message = WM_KEYDOWN;
msg->wParam = VK_BACK;

and i send postmessage api to send 3 estended ascii characters

MY requirement is
input AB
output (Remove A with Backspace of Character B)

This is the output i expect

but in MSWord it is working but not in notepad and some application it is not working
where i to the output like this

where the the backspace send with B removes instead of A.

I am struggling with this and cannot find why this happens.

This is my requirement

Type A , Type B--> Change this B to Backspace---
PostMessage(any 3 extended ascii characters)
THose 3 extended ascii characters shold get displayed in all the applications.
OS --98 --2000 and above

I hope there are many experts in this forum and who likes rocket science questions and who can challenge any questions like this.
THanks and regards
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