What technologies should I learn/use?

Hello, I just want to know what technolgies/languages should I use or learn for web development. I was into web development a couple of years back (using HTML,ASP,CSS,JavaScript,VBScript,IIS,some xml,) then I kinda shifted my focus. Now, I'm trying to get back on the scene. What is in demand right now? What is the trend right now? What is the best to learn/use? I usually my developing in a Windows platform but I'm open to others as well.


  • PHP is very popular. ASP has advanced to ASP.NET - (ASP combined with VB.NET or C#.NET). I think they're the two main players, although Perl has advanced quite a bit. I'd go for the PHP - it's easy to learn and use and is cross-platform. Sorry if I sound biased - I tried ASP.NET and although it is powerful it is a lot more difficult than PHP which has the same power.

    Hope this helps.

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