Named Pipe is losing data!!!

I'm moving data from an ISAPI filter to an out of proc server using Named Pipes. I've been losing data and have narrowed it down to the Named Pipe mechanism.

I have looked all through the documentation and online and nobody else seems to have experienced (or at least documented) losing random pieces of data from within a stream of bytes passed via a NP.

It's driving me up the wall, personally, so I figured I would post a message to see if anyone else might know what I should check for.

My create looks like this:

if ((PipeHandle = CreateNamedPipe("\\.\PIPE\DataPipe",


NUM_PIPES, 0, 3072, 20, NULL)) == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE){ blah blah blah...

I've changed wait time and inbuffer size around a few times. No difference.

The client call is like this:

if ((PipeHandle = CreateFile(PIPE_NAME,





It works up until I start sending a LOT of data (processing over 100 messages/sec from IIS). But everyone claims this is a reliable IPC mechanism under windows so I don't see why I'm losing stuff. Any help would be a appreciated.


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