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Is SQL sensitive for capital letters ?

ampoampo Member Posts: 63
Can I differ "Hello" from "hello" in:

select * from tblName where fieldName like '%Hello%' (not '%hello%')



  • Xtreme.NETXtreme.NET Member Posts: 112
    never really tried this...
    wait a sec. lemme try it..
    i tried your statement and it still worked fine!
    even when i changed the case...

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  • abhishek12abhishek12 Member Posts: 3
    : Can I differ "Hello" from "hello" in:
    : select * from tblName where fieldName like '%Hello%' (not '%hello%')
    : thanks
    : It is possible to make the SQL Server Case Sensitive. It can be done only while Installating SQL Server on your machine. Before making any changes, remember that the changes are server specific i.e. they will be according to the SQL Server installed on the server.
    If you have already installed SQl Server once again, you can do so by changing the collation settings. However, you will be needing to rebuild the master database and mind you dont want to do that if you are doing it on a production database.
    You need to be very careful while making it Case Sensitive because even a "SELECT" will not work while "select" will give you the output depending on your settings. So my suggestion is, do not go for Case Sensitive SQL Server.

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