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Win32 API tutorial?

garnathgarnath Member Posts: 1
Do somebody know about any good Win32 API tutorial for Pascal?
I have only found C, C++ tutorials.


  • bondan83bondan83 Member Posts: 3
    I have some suggestion for your first "tutorial seeking" for the WIN32 API in PASCAL.

    Basically that WIN32 API is written in C/C++, so you will not find (hard to find source) any PASCAL source for WIN32 API. In DELPHI Installation or TMT Pascal is always include a HELP or TUTORIAL also an INCLUDE file to help you "port" or use a WIN32 API function. Here some file name that you can search the tutorial for more:

    -Delphi Helps file (WIN32 API Devel..)

    :P sorry for my terrible english.
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