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How to make a software graphical equalizer?

VilxVilx Member Posts: 6
I want to make a little music player in C++, and I want to incorporate a graphic equalizer in it as well (like in Winamp or Windows Media Player). Sadly, I have no knowledge of such programming. Could anybody tell me how to do it or at least give a good link? Google has proven to be completely useless. :(


  • gingugingu Member Posts: 1
    hi buddy,
    i am pg student and doing same for my academic project.
    i have started doing it in C/C++ lang:
    i can play .wav file.
    i can increase vol & pitch .
    simul graph r drawn.
    DOING graphical equalizer is on hte way.
    u give me ur personal mail id i can tell in much deail that how i have started with & same i will requrie ur lots of help
    mu personal id is :
    [email protected]
    plz mail me as soon as u get this mail.
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