I need help with my form

what am i doing wrong. I would like to open a new window when clicking on a buy button on a form. this is the form code i am using

> >

On the page from where i call the form i have the following code

function newWindow()
shopWindow = window.open('http://www.bonjourparis.com/pages/test.php' , 'shopWin', width=330, heigth=250')

the page from where i try to call the script is http://www.bonjourparis.com/pages/deborah.php

can anybody help me how i can make this work?

Thank you in advance



  • Change the onclick to onsubmit, and it should work. As far as I could see, the inline Javascript is redundant, so you can get rid of that if you're not using it for anything else. If it doesn't work, removing newlines and whitespace from the properties parameter of window.open might help, JS can do some funny things. If not, saying what actually happens would help.
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