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changing the image src to php script with variables

omheromher Member Posts: 21
[b][red]This message was edited by omher at 2004-4-10 22:7:56[/red][/b][hr]
i am trying to have a page change its picture by entering data on a form, and changing the source of the image file to 'image1.src=real.php?variable1="+jvariable;' this is just an example.

here are the code snipplets:


card = new Image();

jcompany =;
jslogan = Daform.slogan;
jname =;
jjob = Daform.job;
jadd1 = Daform.add1;
jadd2 = Daform.add2;
jadd3 = Daform.add3;
jphone =;
jfax = Daform.fax;
jemail =;
jweb = Daform.web;
jcompanycolor = Daform.companycolor;
jcompanyfont = Daform.companyfont;
jcompanysize = Daform.companysize;
jslogancolor = Daform.slogancolor;
jsloganfont = Daform.sloganfont;
jsloganysize = Daform.slogansize;
jnamecolor = Daform.namecolor;
jnamefont = Daform.namefont;
jnamesize = Daform.namesize;
jjobcolor = Daform.jobcolor;
jjobfont = Daform.jobfont;
jjobsize = Daform.jobsize;
jadd1color = Daform.add1color;
jadd1font = Daform.add1font;
jadd1size = Daform.add1size;
jadd2color = Daform.add2color;
jadd2font = Daform.add2font;
jadd2size = Daform.add2size;
jfaxcolor = Daform.faxcolor;
jfaxfont = Daform.faxfont;
jfaxsize = Daform.faxsize;
jphonecolor = Daform.phonecolor;
jphonefont = Daform.phonefont;
jphonesize = Daform.phonesize;
jemailcolor = Daform.emailcolor;
jemailfont = Daform.emailfont;
jemailsize = Daform.emailsize;
jwebcolor = Daform.webcolor;
jwebfont = Daform.webfont;
jwebsize = Daform.websize;


and then when i want to do something useful




from what i can tell, it will not change the image source! why is that!?

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