Refreshing My Webpage Automatically

I'm having one Excel Workbook onto which some data is getting update at a scan time of 30 seconds.Once the data is getting updated I'm saving the File with ".xlhtml" extention (i.e as a webpage).
This page is then being hosted on the IIS though which several clients are accessing and viewing the data displayed on the webpage.
The Client's expectation is that the page should be refreshed and updated automatically without he pressing the Refresh button available on the browser.
I want to know how can this be done.
I know a meta tag will refresh the page automatically
but how can i add this TAg to my Excel File.

Your help is immediately needed


  • I don't think you can, although I've never heard of xlhtml, so I could be wrong. Instead, you could use a regular HTML page and import the speadsheet into it via an object tag (I think you want the data attribute to specify the location, but I'm not certain) or an Iframe. Then put the meta tag into the HTML and Bob's yer uncle.
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